Keychains & Keyrings

Why the key rings and keychains are popular souvenirs?

How to choose keyring for a gift
Few tips:

Kids -toy or fun shape.
Younger ladies - smooth round, oval or elongated slim, heart or boomerang shape.
Older ladies - rectangular, triangle or shape of Australia.
Young men - any shape.
Wise men - shape with meaning
Kids - light
Younger ladies - not heavy, but not too light. The weight that gives best feeling of value and stability.
Older ladies - not heavy
Young men - any weight
Wise men - solid and moderately heavy

Few reasons:

  • key rings are inexpensive, so you can buy few to give away to people you know well or not very well
  • they are small and light, so it's easy to carry when you travelling, and not expensive to send by mail
  • key chains are durable gifts and used often, so memento lasts. People tend to get used to certain features of key chains such as weight, balance, feel, texture and shape. This is why when the old keychain is lost or broken, people try to find a similar substitute

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