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Echidna and platypus are the only members of the monotreme family which are Mammals that lay eggs and feed their babies with milk.

 Echidnas are 14 - 16 inches (35 - 45cm) with a weight of 4.5 - 15 lb (2 - 7kg). 

Echidna has a pointy snout and long sticky tongue to catch ants and termites.

When threatened Echidna uses one of 3 tactics:
1) Universal. Run away
2) Traditional. Curl itself into a ball like a hedgehog to expose its prickly thorns
3) Unique. Burrows straight down ( on sand or soft soil ) and shows only its back spines holding on with its claws thus resisting
being pulled out of the ground

Echidna soft toys 5 inch (14 cm) and 7 inch (18 cm)

Echidna soft toys 5 inch (14 cm) and 7 inch (18 cm)
Extremely soft and huggable toy - Edna the Echidna
Extremely soft and huggable toy - Edna the Echidna

Edna the Echidna is made with use of a special feather soft polyester filling and the finest quality acrylic plush that makes Edna incredibly soft and huggable

Edna is one of the best soft toys - I know it from my daughter and her friends dreaming to get Edna for birthday present

Edna is non-allergic, non-toxic, color safe and can be cleaned with a sponge and warm water


Edna the Echidna

inch cm
Height 8 21
Length 12 31

Little Edna

Height 4 10
Length 8 20

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