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The skin of the Cane Toad is strong tough and durable. 
It's not bulletproof but still, it makes up into excellent leather gifts and accessories

Prices include International delivery by Airmail (5-12 days)

Set of toad leg key fobs
key chains

from US$19 per set
Toad head key fob
toad head key fob

from US$19
Coin purse
coin purse cool gift

from US$25
Key purse
key coin purse she is gonna love it

from US$30
Shoulder purse
shoulder purse big and funky gift for her

from US$45
Zippo lighter case
zippo lighter case gift for him

from US$27
Toad hat band
hat band

from US$29
Toad leather fanny pack
waist bag

from US$150
Toad leather cap
funky toad leather cap gift for him

from US$150
Golf ball case

from US$29
Sun visor

from US$120

from US$320
The Cane Toad is presently considered as a major pest and threat to native wildlife in Queensland and all efforts are now being made for its eradication. Chinese medicine manufacturers have been using the Toads for centuries in the treatment of Cardio Vascular Diseases and Cancer treatment. It is highly likely that the Cane Toad will one day be farmed in Queensland for production of therapeutic medicines, but in meantime chose the one from our range below the one that brings you luck and fun whenever you touch it
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