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All unique kangaroo gifts from Australia

All kangaroo fur and leather gift items and accessories give you feeling of warmth, comfort and coziness. They are symbols of Home, Family, Love. You will feel it every time you touch one

Light, soft and fluffy kangaroo fur brings to your home warmth of Australian sun, spirit of Australian bush

Unusual, exotic, beautifully designed unique gifts from Kangaroo gift shop make entire family happy

Shop offers toys, skins, backpacks, travel bags, handbags, shopping bags, wallets, purses, key cases, business card holders, etc

Just few messages from our Customers:
"Both packages -boomerang and 2 koalas - arrived today. Thanks for the great service! Margaret"

"Thanks very much for the swift delivery. Just for your info really, I saw your products in 'Stuff' magazine (thought you might like to know if your marketing was paying off). Again many thanks, the pouch will be the strangest Golf ball holder in the Bristol region!! Regards Bill"

"Thank you Michael for just great international customer service!!! Debi"

Featured kangaroo gifts

Fur dilly bag
kangaroo fur dilly bags
from US$27
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Fur purse
kangaroo fur purses
from US$19
more gifts like this
Kangaroo toys
kangaroo stuffed toys
from US$15
more gifts like this
Kangaroo jerky
kangaroo jerky
from US$19
more gifts like this
Kangaroo golf club covers
kangaroo golf club head cover
from US$57
more gifts like this
Kangaroo scrotum pouch
kangaroo scrotum pouches
from US$ 9
more gifts like this

Enjoy your shopping and come back again
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