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Macropus rufus

The Red Kangaroo, one of the largest living marsupials, inhabits central part of Australia including scrubland, grassland and desert.

The Red Kangaroo is able to live without fresh water, provided that it has access to at least some green herbage.

Not all Red Kangaroos are red. Most males are pale to brick red. Females are usually blue-grey.

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Baby Matilda, Matilda

Australia Gift Shop is proud to present this superior quality soft kangaroo toy. Its silky short cut fur gives the same touch feeling as a real Red Kangaroo fur

Her name is Matilda and she is made with use of a special soft polyester filling and the finest quality acrylic plush that makes her soft and huggable. She is available in two sizes - Matilda and Baby Matilda

Kangaroo toy is non-allergic, non-toxic, color safe and can be cleaned with a sponge and warm water

  inch cm
Matilda 12.4 33
Baby Matilda 6.5 15

Prices per toy 
including Airmail delivery (5-10 days)

  1 2 3
Matilda US$45 US$40 US$35
Baby Matilda US$29 US$24 US$19

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