Kangaroo Scrotum

Kangaroo Scrotum Pouches - Unique, Exclusively Australian

There are not many gift items that are distinctively belong to a particular country and can't be copied or produced anywhere else. Kangaroo scrotum pouches are definitely amongst them. It will take a while before China starts growing kangaroos in great numbers, so this is your lucky chance to buy 100% Australian gift.

There is a long history behind kangaroo scrotums. It comes from Aboriginal tales and legends.

Aboriginals and early settlers in Australia traditionally used the kangaroo scrotums to keep small objects - coins, jewelry, message stones, golden nuggets / sand and even coffee beans. Even in those rough times kangaroos were never hunted for their "treasure" pouches. It was by-product of hunting for very nutritious kangaroo meat. These days the scrotum pouches are by-products of Australian Government kangaroo population control policy.

The scrotums come from male kangaroos with many "life experiences". The marks on the leather are natural scars from tick bites, barb scratches and fights with other males.

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