Kangaroo Jerky

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Australian bush fed kangaroo jerky
Kangaroo jerky in small bags - 50g / 1.76oz bags of great quality
Australian bush fed kangaroo jerky
Australian wild kangaroo jerky
Bag 100g (1.76oz) of great quality
Australian bush fed kangaroo jerky
 Kangaroo jerky nutritional information, per 20g serve
Serving size 20g
Energy 213kj
Protein 8.7g
Fat Total 0.3g
Fat Saturated 0.1g
Carbohydrate Total 3.2g
Carbohydrate Sugars 1.9g
Sodium 584mg
Iron 1.3mg
Potassium 149mg

Is kangaroo meat good for you?

Kangaroo is a uniquely Australian game meat that is lean and healthy with around two per cent fat and very high levels of quality protein, iron and zinc. Because kangaroo meat is so low in fat content, the meat must be cooked quickly to avoid overcooking. Kangaroos are harvested by licensed shooters in accordance with a strict code of practice. Kangaroo exports are subject to stringent inspection requirements by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS) under the Australian Standard for the Hygienic Production of Game Meat. The discovery of high levels of CLA (healthy fats) in kangaroos may also increase the health benefits of the meat.

More information about kangaroo meat nutritional values and health benefits could be found on our  Kangaroo meat information page.

kangaroo meat jerky in gift box
Gift box 20g (0.7oz) of great quality
Australian bush fed kangaroo jerky

kangaroo jerky in 250g bags
Lage bags 250g (0.55lb) of great quality kangaroo jerky


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