Saltwater crocodile hornback belts
- the belt that worth to dream about!

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Buckles are available in bronze or silver
Belt design allows buckle replacement, so you can change it to the buckle of your choice

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Width Size Price
1 1/4 inch / 32mm 30"-48" US$450
1 1/4 inch / 32mm 50"-54" US$570
1 3/8 inch / 35mm 30"-48" US$520
1 3/8 inch / 35mm 50"-54" US$640

Prices include International delivery (5-12 days)

Note 1: Sizes 30 - 48" are normally shipped within 10 days ( we must get an export permit for each individual belt).
 Bigger sizes are normally shipped within 5 - 6 weeks because big belts should be manufactured individually.  

Note 2:
For wholesale quantities (10+), please contact us via email

When you order crocodile leather belt it's important to know your exact size. This is how it's measured:
belt size is a distance between middle hole and pin bend in inches
Your waist in inches is your belt size

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