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Australian desert
Exotic jerky from Australia

  • Jerky has been around for as long as humans have eaten meat, it can be made from any meat or fish. Jerky is very filling and being fat free is so much healthier snack than chips etc. Traditionally jerky is hot. This is because hot pepper was used to keep the birds away from jerky while it dried on the sun.

  •  Salt and sugar preserve jerky to some degree, then the moisture is dried off. It will keep forever - even if you dropped it in the dirt you could dust it off and safely eat it. At Billabong we take the extra precaution of heating jerky to bacteria killing temperatures.

  • Jerky is known by many names including "sharmoot" (Northern Africa), biltong, hard tuck, bush tucker. The word jerky is a corruption of the Spanish "charqui", referring to meat from wild goats captured by early sailors. The recipe that days was simple - salt and sun made the meat well preserved for long voyages. American Indians then adopted this term from the Conquistadors and had improved the recipe by adding hot pepper and spice.

  • Well, jerky has been around for thousands of years on every continent including so that we now have something healthy and "bloody good" to eat when we're having a beer.

Australian desert


Kangaroo jerky 
Kangaroo meat, honey, sugar, salt, flavors and spices, sodium nitrite, anti-oxidant (202)

kangaroo jerky in a gift box
Gift Box

kangaroo jerky in a standard pouch
Standard pouch

Beef jerky 
Lean range fed Australian beef, sugar, soy sauce, salt, flavors and spices, anti-oxidant (202)
beef jerky in a gift box
Gift Box
beef jerky in a standard pouch
Standard pouch
Crocodile jerky 
Crocodile meat, sugar, salt, flavors and spices, anti-oxidant (202)
crocodile jerky in a gift box
Gift Box
crocodile jerky in a standard pouch
Standard pouch
Emu jerky 
Emu meat, sugar, salt, flavors and spices, anti-oxidant (202)
  emu jerky in a standard pouch
Standard pouch
Kangaroo, Crocodile and Emu jerky
packed in a gift box
The jerky inside is sealed separately and labeled
crocodile emu kangaroo jerky in a try gift box   try gift box back side
Gift Box 30gr (1.06 Oz)
For bulk jerky consumers like restaurants, clubs, hotels, catering companies, etc. supply in bulk is available
Nutritional Information
Average moisture content
Average protein level
Average fat content
Average energy (Kj/gram)
Honey/Pepper, Honey/Soy
Mild Spice
Natural and Traditional (Hard and Hot)

Hardness / Softness
 As many people prefer to have jerky that easy to chew (which are not as hard as traditional American style jerky) we've developed a special know-how soft jerky recipe. Therefore apart of traditional hard jerky  the soft jerky style currently is available for beef and emu meats.
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