Bulk Jerky
Exotic bulk jerky for individual customers, restaurants, catering businesses, clubs and organizations

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Yes, we supply jerky in bulk packages to individual customers, businesses and organizations

Buy jerky in bulk and save
Price is in USD including International Airmail delivery (5-12 days)

Jerky Price, USD per pack
0.25kg / 0.55Lb bags
Beef jerky US$70
Kangaroo jerky US$70
Emu jerky US$90
Crocodile jerky US$90
0.5kg / 1.1Lb packs
Beef jerky US$120
Kangaroo jerky US$120
Emu jerky US$160
Crocodile jerky US$160
1kg / 2.2Lb packs
Beef jerky US$190
Kangaroo jerky US$190
Emu jerky US$270
Crocodile jerky US$270
2kg / 4.4Lb packs
Beef jerky US$330
Kangaroo jerky US$330
Emu jerky US$490
Crocodile jerky US$490

Bulk jerky

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